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Social Emotional Development

September 14, 2016 | 9 - 1:30 

Harraseeket Inn, Freeport 

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Background: The Maine Social Emotional Project

We know from research that is being conducted on the brains of young children that the early years are crucial and lay the foundation for later development. If children are going to succeed in school, at work and life, they also need necessary social and emotional skills.

The state of Maine and the entire country have experienced an increased reporting of child expulsion and children exhibiting challenging behaviors in the classroom. In response to community concerns, MCA invited a group together to explore issues surrounding social emotional development in children. Our goal is to generate policy discussions that address early social and emotional development and learning.

Core Social & Emotional Skills

  • Regulating Behavior
  • Developing empathy
  • Building & Maintaining Relationships
  • Coping and Managing Emotions

Finding a Solution

The Maine State Legislature’s Education Committee has asked the Maine Children’s Growth Council to explore this complex issue, gather data and develop policy recommendations. MCA will work with the Growth Council and embark on this effort together in the upcoming weeks and months. The work will be supported by the Ounce of Prevention and the National Center for Children in Poverty at Columbia University as a result of our partnership with the Alliance for Early Success.


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