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MPBN, September 2, 2016: Maine Children's Advocates Urge Approval of Minimum Wage Boost

Seacoast Online, July 19, 2016: More Maine children living in poverty

BDN, July 15, 2016: Maine has the money. It should send more of it to families on welfare

PPH, July 15, 2016: Maine Voices: Maine Children's Alliance Supports Stand Up for Students Question

Coastal Journal, July 14, 2016: ‘Kids Count’: Maine kids on a downward trend

BDN, July 5, 2016: Angus King’s anti-poverty bill responds to real problems with the nation’s safety net

BDN, July 5, 2016: More Maine children live in poverty, fewer get help. We should expect the opposite.

PPH, June 25, 2016: Our View: Child well-being in Maine headed in wrong direction

MPBN, June 24, 2016: Maine's Child Well-Being Rank Drops Sharply

Communities & Banking, June 2016: Addressing Early Childhood Expulsions in Maine

LSJ, May 1, 2016: When parents go to jail, kids are stuck in prison

PPH, April 28, 2016: Our View: High parental incarceration rate puts Maine children at risk

PPH, April 26, 2016: Report shows Maine with highest rate of incarcerated parents in New England

MPBN, April 26, 2016: Percent of Maine Kids with Parents in Jail Highest in New England

LSJ, April 25, 2016: Report: 8 percent of Maine children have parent in prison

Bangor Daily News, April 1, 2016: Letter - Find real solutions to poverty

MPBN, March 2, 2016: Health Organizations Call for Expanded Arsenic Testing in Well Water

KJ & MS, March 2, 2016: Maine health, education organizations press LePage for action on arsenic in water

KJ & MS, January 18, 2016: Maine Children’s Alliance named finalist for grant

Love Maine Radio, January 8, 2016: Kids Count #225

School Bus Fleet Magazine, January 7, 2016: School bus driver awarded for literacy program

The Forecaster, January 5, 2016: Topsham school bus driver gets award for literacy program

KJ & MS, December 27, 2015: OUR OPINION: Children need inoculation against poverty

Press Herald, December 27, 2015: Our View: Welfare policies need to invest in poor children

Boston Globe, December 25, 2015: Giving Strider Wolf a Start

Ric/Tyler Show, December 16, 2015: Claire Berkowitz - 2015 Maine KIDS COUNT Data Book

MPBN, December 15, 2015: Report: Fewer Maine Kids Impoverished — But Only One-Third Meet Reading Standards

BDN, December 7, 2015: Contributors: Maine kids need Congress to finish job on improving child care

Coastal Journal, November 12, 2015: Bus Driver Honored with Giraffe Award

KJ & MS, November 11, 2015: Giraffe Award winner wants Maine to be first state to eradicate childhood hunger

KJ & MS, November 4, 2015: 'Champions for Children' reveal society’s soul through their work

PPH, October 7, 2015: Our View: Kids falling through cracks in MaineCare coverage

MPBN, September 24, 2015: Advocates: Health Insurance Eligibility for Maine Kids 'Not a Very Clear Process'

PPH, September 10, 2015: Maine Voices: If Congress allows working-family tax credits to expire, kids will suffer

Times Record, September 9, 2015: Locals honored by Maine Children's Alliance

LSJ, September 2, 2015: The Maine Children's Alliance announces 2015 Giraffe Award Winners

PPH, August 31, 2015: Briefs: Children's Advocacy Group Announces Giraffe Awards

PPH, July 26, 2015: Our View: To break cycle of poverty, start with Maine kids

WCSH 6, July 21, 2015: 2015 Kids Count shows Maine sinking lower into poverty

MPBN, July 21, 2015: Report: More Maine Children Living in Poverty

WMTW, July 21, 2015: Kids Count finds more Maine children living in poverty, Child poverty rate higher than before recession

WGME 13, July 21, 2015: Kids Count finds more Maine children living in poverty

PPH, July 21, 2015: Kids Count finds more Maine children living in poverty 

Washington Times, July 21, 2015: Kids Count finds more Maine children living in poverty

Foster's Daily Democrat, July 21, 2015: Report: More Maine children living in poverty

WVOM, July 21, 2015: MCA's Claire Berkowitz talks about the Nat'l KIDS COUNT Data

WAGM, July 21, 2015: Kids Count: More Maine Children Living in Poverty

WABI, July 21, 2015: Kids Count Finds More Maine Children Living In Poverty

WVOM, February 26, 2015, MCA's Claire Berkowitz talks about child poverty on The George Hale Ric Tyler Show

Public News Service, February 17, 2015, Maine Moves Up: Lunch, Breakfast for Low-Income Kids

WABI, January 20, 2015, Legislative Focus for Maine Women

Bangor Daily News, December 28, 2014, For Maine’s future, we can all get behind an early start to children’s education

Bangor Daily News, November 13, 2014, Maine providers wonder if ouster of 2 top managers signals change in direction for DHHS

Public News Service, November 12, 2014, Report: Maine’s Struggling Young Families Need “Two-Generation” Help

Bangor Daily News, November 3, 2014, Why CHIP matters for 25,000 of Maine's kids

Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, October 24, 2014, OUR OPINION: Thumbs up, thumbs down

Bangor Daily News, September 23, 2014, Lawmaker pushes for more partnerships between Maine schools, community organizations

WABI, September 23, 2014, Local Educators Learn About Community Schools Concept

WZON, July 24, 2014, MCA's Claire Berkowitz was a guest on The Pulse Morning Show

Bangor Daily News, July 22, 2014, National report says economic instability is biggest threat to Maine children’s well-being

WLBZ-TV, July 22, 2014, Data shows Maine's improvement in kids health, education

Sun Journal, July 22, 2014, Annual Kids Count report: Maine kids healthier but poorer

Sun Journal, June 21, 2014, Out-of-control kids: Biting. Hitting. Tearing apart rooms.Kids in crisis are showing up younger and with behavioral problems more severe than in the past.

Bangor Daily News, April 2, 2014, Kids suffer when their parents lose their health insurance. Maine knows this firsthand

Portland Press Herald, April 2, 2014, Maine police, advocates call for end to child abuse

Bangor Daily News, February 26, 2014, DHHS commissioner blasts Medicaid expansion during Bangor breakfast (MCA Board Member, Shawn Yardley, is featured in the article)

MPBN, February 4, 2014, Reading Proficiency

Bangor Daily News, January 31, 2014, Baby steps: High-quality preschool makes a big difference, but can Maine afford it?

Bangor Daily News, January 26, 2014, Beyond the attacks, ideology: What poverty looks like in Maine

Coastal Journal, January 16, 2014, Vox Nova Chamber Choir celebrates five years of contemporary choral music (includes an interview with MCA's Executive Director, Claire Berkowitz)

Portland Press Herald, January 9, 2014, Maine kids, experts not keen on lifting child work restrictions

Sanford News, December 5, 2013, Maine’s struggling children need our help

Maine Insights, November 28, 2013, Maine kids face adversity in tough economic climate

WGME 13, November 25, 2013, Bill to make offering Pre-k mandatory in all school districts

WGME 13, November 25, 2013, Report: 1/5 Of Maine Children Living In Poverty

WMTW, November 22, 2013, Report shows 25 percent of Maine children live in poverty

St. John Valley Times, November 22, 2013, Report: Among Maine children under age 5, almost one in four live

Kennebec Journal, November 22, 2013, Maine Children's Alliance report: More Maine kids living in poverty

IRP Poverty Dispatch, November 22, 2013, KIDS COUNT Report - Maine

Portland Press Herald & Morning Sentinal, November 22, 2013, Report: More Maine kids living in poverty may lead to later needs

Boston Globe, November 22, 2013, Report says child poverty on the rise in Maine

Bangor Daily News, November 21, 2013, Despite finacial hardships, Maine teens smoking and drinking less, November 21, 2013, Report says child poverty rate rose in Maine

Boothbay Register, November 21, 2013, Maine Kids face adversity in tough economic climate, November 21, 2013, Report says child poverty rate rose in Maine

Maine Sun Journal, November 21, 2013, Kids Count Report says child poverty rate rising

Portland Press Herald, November 19, 2013, Maine Voices: State makes disheartening decision on early childhood grants for children (Op Ed by MCA Board Chair, Robert "Rusty" Atwood)

Bangor Daily News, November 18, 2013, Parents, children need continued coverage of Medicaid

Public News Service, November 4, 2013, Disturbing” Report Calls for Action to Help Maine Children

Bangor Daily News, November 1, 2013, Education advocates pan Maine’s decision not to seek $37 million in federal grants, October 13, 2013, THE CHILDREN'S CHAMPION - Honoring children through work, studies

The Boothbay Register, October 1, 2013, To Help a Child

Portland Press Herald, September 22, 2013, Our View: Childhood Poverty Rate a Disgrace for Maine

Portland Press Herald, June 25, 2013, Our View: Maine kids' health shows value of MaineCare

Times Record, June 25, 2013, Maine numbers improve in Kids Count survey 

MPBN, June 25, 2013, Nec McCann & Claire Berkowtz and AECF's Laura Speer talk about KIDS COUNT on Maine Calling

WGME13, June 24, 2013, New Kids Count Shows Maine Is Keeping Children Healthy

Portland Press Herald, June 24, 2013, Maine kids rate high in health, worse on family economics

WMTW, June 24, 2013, Maine ranks 13th in child well-being

WCSH6, June 24, 2013, Maine earns high marks for children's health

Lewiston Sun Journal, June 24, 2013, Lewiston's rate of children living in poverty among worst in Maine

Lewiston Sun Journal, June 24, 2013 Maine ranks 13th in child well-being study

Kennebec Journal, June 24, 2013, Maine kids rate high in health, worse on family economics

Lewiston Sun Journal, June 2, 2013, David Martin: Smart money says invest in early childhood education

Kennebec Journal, May 29, 2013, Early childhood education gets new push at State House

Morning Sentinal, May 17, 2013, Maine groups support universal pre-k

Portland Press Herald, April 29, 2013, Maine Voices: Investing in our state's most precious resource-our children

WCSH6, April 23, 2013, Lawmakers show bipartisan support for Head Start funding

Bangor Daily News, April 12, 2013, Bill to allow hygenists to open clinics wins bipartisan support, but dentists question the strategy

Portland Press Herald, April 12, 2013, Maine dentists oppose measure expanding hygienists' role

Morning Sentinel, April 12, 2013, Dentists oppose creation of 'dental hygiene therapists'

MPBN, April 11, 2013, Does Maine Need Dental Therapists? Bill Prompts Debate

MPBN, April 5, 2013, Maine Lawmakers Wrap Up Budget Hearings-Now What?

Kennebec Journal, April 1, 2013, Home visiting programs offer hope to reduce child abuse, neglect

StarTribune, March 31, 2013, Rosenblum: Minnesota dental therapy model goes national

Maine Sunday Telegram, March 23, 2013, DHHS practices, technical issues hinder data-gathering effort

WABI-TV 5, March 1, 2013, New Report Shows Maine's Juvenile Offenders Staying Out Of Trouble After Release

Public Services Station, February 28, 2013, Drop in Juvenile Crime in ME Echos Lower Incarceration Rate

Portland Press Herald, February 7, 2013, Maine Voices: Mass shootings represent a fraction of young lives lost to guns

Portland Press Herald, February 5, 2013, Study: Mainers lack access to regular dental care

Bangor Daily News, February 5, 2013, Maine must end crisis-and-cut budgeting

Portland Press Herald Editorial, February 4, 2013, Foster care budget shows holes in safety net

Maine Sunday Telegram, February 3, 2013, Anti-poverty programs fight domestic violence

Bangor Daily News Editorial, February 1, 2013, Fight for more, better early education programs in Maine

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