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Federal Policy

Maine Children's Alliance advocates at the federal level for improved policies and systems affecting children's well-being.

The long-term objective for MCA’s federal policy project is the education of all stakeholders and policymakers about issues affecting the well-being of children, with the goal of improving outcomes for children. These issues include: public benefit programs (TANF, SNAP, Medicaid); tax credits for families, child welfare policies, and early childhood programs. MCA coordinates federal policy work around these issues for the New England Consortium’s Poverty Reduction Initiative, a six-state collaborative of child research and policy organizations.


Maine Children's Alliance works on federal policy issues as a member of the New England Consortium.

The New England Consortium (NEC) is a six-state collaborative of child research and policy organizations, who have developed a common set of priorities to reduce child and family poverty in our individual states and region, and act as a catalyst for national change at this time of increasing poverty.


Child Welfare

Maine Children's Alliance participates in national efforts to improve the child welfare system in Maine and nationwide.