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Early Care & Education

Federal Reserve Economist Rob Grunewald speaking to the Maine Legislative Children's Caucus about
investing in early childhood (January 10, 2017).

The early years are a critical developmental period in a child’s life – they lay the foundation for future cognitive, social and emotional development. At the Maine Children’s alliance, we want all children to have the resources, opportunities and support so they can reach their full potential and become our future leaders, workforce and parents. This starts with early access to affordable, high-quality early childhood programs that nurture and stimulate the developing brain in these crucial years.

These programs include:

  • Child Care
  • Public Preschool
  • Head Start/Early Head Start
  • Homevisiting

Fortunately, what is good for our children is also good for our economy. Research shows that investing in quality, early childhood programs yields an estimated 13 percent return on investment through improved life outcomes.

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