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2015 Maine Data Book

"At this moment, we are at a critical juncture for Maine children. The data highlights some siginficiant challenges facing our children, but also some substantial progress that has been made too. Now it is up to all of us to act on this data and work towards creating a better Maine and a better future for our kids as we enter the New Year."

-MCA Executive Director, Claire Berkowitz

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    The 2015 Maine Kids Count Databook paints a comprehensive picture of how children are faring in Maine in comparison to children both regionally and nationally. The data acts as an effective indicator for which policies and practice are working and which policies and practice are failing. It is the hope of the Maine Children's Alliance and the Annie E. Casey Foundation that this concrete evidence can aid policy-makers and advocates alike in creating a better Maine for our youngest citizens.

    To order a hardcopy version of the 2015 Maine KIDS COUNT Data Book, email MCA.