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At the State House
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(Photo Credit: Andrew Lachance)

During the Legislative Session, Maine lawmakers make a number of decisions that affect our children, youth and families almost every day. As citizens, advocates and champions for children, it is our responsibility to provide Legislators with as much information as possible so they can make the best decisions. The list below is designed to act as a resource to help you learn and track the status of some bills that affect Maine kids.

Disclaimer: We will do our best to update this information weekly but the best way to find out what is happening at the state house is to check out (Last updated 6.12.17)

38 An Act to Strengthen the Maine Children's Growth Council Millett HHS AFA Table
44 An Act to Lower the Age Requirement to Carry a Concealed Handgun Brakey CJPS Dead
95 An Act To Provide a Method for a Student To Be Excused from Standardized Testing Libby EDU Dead
96 An Act to Improve Attendance at Public Elementary Schools Libby EDU Passed to be Enacted
127 Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 101: Maine Unified Special Education Regulation Birth to Age 20, a Major Substantive Rule of the Department of Education Kornfield EDU Finally Passed.
166 An Act to Increase Reimbursement for Child Care Services Libby HHS Tenative carry over.
230 An Act to Increase Access to Head Start Millett HHS AFA Table
353 An Act to Reduce Absenteeism in Students from Kindergarten to Third Grade Libby EDU Dead
274 An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Working Group To Study Background Checks for Child Care Facilities and Providers McCreight HHS Ant. Div. Report
288 An Act To Prohibit Any Questions Regarding Criminal History on State Employment Applications Sheats SLG AFA Table
336 An Act to Amend the Requirements of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program Denno HHS Passed to be engrossed.
355 An Act Regarding Special Education Costs Fuller EDU Dead
378 An Act to Promote Physical Activity for Schoolchildren Millett EDU Dead
380 An Act to Implement the Federal Every Student Succeeds Act in Maine Millett EDU  Dead
383 An Act to Increase Access to Child Care Millett HHS Carry Over
384 An Act To Strengthen Maine Children's Mental Health Millett HHS Carry Over
390 An Act Making Unified Appropriations and Allocations for the Expenditures of State Government, General Fund and Other Funds and Changing Certain Provisions of the Law Necessary to the Proper Operations of State Government for the Fiscal Years Ending June  Gattine AFA WS - onging.
442 An Act to Create a Family Caregiver Income Tax Credit Davis TAX Carry Over Requested
451 An Act to Continue MaineCare Coverage for Parents during the Rehabilitation and Reunification Process Chipman HHS Dead
454 An Act to Ensure Safe Drinking Water for Maine Families Vachon ENR Passed to be enacted.
456 An Act to Increase Access to Vaccinations Chace LCED Maj. ONTP; Min. OTP-AM
468 An Act to Provide for a Later Starting Time for High Schools Daughtry EDU Dead
481 An Act To Promote Workforce Participation Stewart HHS OTP-AM/OTP-AM
527 An Act to Prohibit Corporal Punishment in Schools Terry EDU Dead
561 An Act To Remove the Requirement That Child Care Facility Workers and Family Child Care Providers Submit To Criminal Background Checks Sirocki HHS Carry Over
566 An Act to Improve Access to High-Quality Child Care by Increasing Child Care Rates Katz HHS Carry Over
567 An Act to Ensure Timely Expenditure of Federal Funds in the Department of Health and Human Services Parker HHS Dead
582 An Act To Ensure the Comprehensive Medical, Dental, Educational and Behavioral Assessment of Children Entering State Custody Gratwick HHS Vetoed.
603 An Act to Provide funding for Preschool Programs Farnsworth EDU Dead
691 An Act to Prevent Lead Poisoning in Children Golden HHS Carry Over
747 An Act To Amend Minimum Age Eligibility for School Enrollment Wadsworth EDU Dead
748 An Act To Require at Least a 30-minute Lunch Period for Students Pierce EDU Dead
765 An Act To Authorize In-home Child Care Service Providers To Care for up to 5 Children without State Certification or Regulation Espling HHS Carry Over
809 An Act to End Student Hunger with Breakfast after the Bell Maker EDU Passed to be Enacted
816 An Act to Promote Academic Achievement through Hunger Relief for Maine Children Breen EDU AFA Table
863 An Act To Create a Standard Kindergarten Entry Assessment Pouliot EDU Dead
902 Resolve, To Increase Access to Evidence-based Psychosocial Treatment for Children in the MaineCare Program Malaby HHS Carry Over
919 An Act to Establish the Summer Success Program Fund Pierce EDU AFA Table
999 An Act To Provide a Healthy Learning Environment in Early Care Settings by Requiring Rules Concerning Nutrition and Physical Activity Terry HHS Carry Over
1063 An Act To Protect Substance-exposed Infants Hamman HHS Ant. Div. Report
1108 An Act to Address the Shortage of Public Health Nurses Carson HHS AFA Table
1113 An Act to Improve Antihunger Programs in Maine Schools Bellows EDU Passed to be engrossed.
1160 Resolve, To Require a Study of Wages and Working Conditions for Child Development Educators and Staff Millett LCRED Dead
1177 An Act To Create an Appeals Process for Child Care Providers Volk HHS Carry over.
1263 Resolve, To Increase the Affordability of Safe Drinking Water for Maine Families Maker LCRED AFA Table
1272 An Act to Move Administration of the Child and Adult Care Food Program from DHHS to DOE Hamann HHS Dead
1286 An Act to Require Background Checks for all School Employees Millett EDU OTP-AM
1302 An Act To Increase Workforce Participation in the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program and Other Assistance Programs Madigan HHS Ant. Div. Rep.
1317 An Act to Encourage Family-friendly Businesses through a Tax Credit for Child Care Herbig TAX Maj. OTP-AM Min: ONTP
1321 An Act to Promote Social and Emotional Learning and Development in Early Childhood Breen EDU AFA Table
1370 An Act To Enhance Safety on College and University Campuses by Allowing Firearms To Be Carried on the Campuses of Public Colleges and Universities Cebra EDU Dead
1374 Resolve, Directing the Department of Health and Human Servicess to Assess and Improve the Availability of Child Care Services Frey HHS Carry Over
1408 An Act to Establish an Independent Citizens Oversight Committee on Maine's Welfare Programs Libby HHS Ant. Div. Report
1414 An Act To Ensure the Availability of In-person Visitation in County Jails Talbot Ross CJPS Carry Over Requested.
1423 An Act to Amend Certain Laws Governing Child Care Providers Libby HHS Carry Over.
1474 An Act to Reduce the Regulation of Child Care Facilities Espling HHS Cary Over.
1475 An Act to Reduce Child Poverty by Leveraging Investments in Families Today Gideon HHS A: OTPA B: ONTP C: OTPA
1566 An Act to Enact the Maine Fair Chance Employment Act Talbot-Ross LCRED Carry Over requested.
1612 An Act to Support Maine Families through Universal Family Care Gattine HHS Carry Over
1618 An Act to Support Maine's Working Families through Universal Child Care Sylvester HHS  Dead